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What we offer

We offer a service that guarantees unique balloon styling for any celebration. We cover your needs for events such as weddings, birthdays, bridal parties, graduations, and corporate events.

We personalize our approach to ensure that we deliver a great experience to our clients while taking the responsibility away from you.

Our balloon displays last anywhere from 3-10 days outdoors and 15-30 days indoors. Subject to change due to temperature.

Our service is customized to a client’s liking, delivered, and set up in person. Alternatively, balloon arrangements can be collected by the client. 

Why baloon styling

Balloons allow for versatile, cost-effective, elegant, and contemporary styling. Why not add a touch of magic with a personalized style for your upcoming event.

Your balloon bouquets are unique to your occasion, style, and personality. Every event is special, and we go above and beyond to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Our balloons are available in any size, shape, or color and are a fun way to enhance and easily complement other visual elements at your event. 

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Make it eye-catching
Make it unique

Make it distinctly you

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Find your inspiration


Let's work together. It would be fantastic to work with you on your special day and meet your creative needs.


Have an idea of what you want but aren't sure how to go about it, let us bring your vision to life. Before we start planning, we will need some helpful information about your event.


Get a quote and reach us by using the contact form

or alternatively, email or call us. 

*In-person installations start at $680.00 depending on design,  excluding installation fee, backdrop rentals, delivery and takedown, and taxes. (50% Deposit required upon booking)



+ 1 403-437-4377

Get a Quote
'Grab and Go' pick up garlands for self installation or delivery for additional cost. Delivery fee cost depends on event location.
Would you like a backdrop or wooden panels with your balloon installation to compliment your design? Backdrops are an additional cost which start at $150 + delivery
Would you like signage for your backdrop? Acrylic signage starts at $100, Vinyl starts at $25
Would you like florals added to your display and design? Florals start at $85.

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“Your environment is supposed to be nurturing and uplifting, no matter the circumstances.” 


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