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Who we are

Suga Events and Decor was born out of a passion for bringing and sharing happiness with people!

Founded in 2019, it blossomed from a community that enjoyed celebrations, and we wanted to enhance their experiences in a way that communicates their vision for their celebrations.

We have a knack for creating timeless memories for people, with our wide range of services

We aim to inspire and allow you to celebrate around bold and colorful installations. 

Thats me,

, Chileshe.

Lavanya's Baby Shower-126.jpg


Meet Chileshe, director, and lead stylist.


Chileshe is an adventurous individual with a passion for event styling, traveling, wellness, and plant care. She has been to over 15 countries, and these experiences have shaped the way she views the world and connects with people from all walks of life. 

Suga events’ evolution started with Chileshe helping her friends and family revamp their events by styling and creating decorations that were not only beautiful but tailored to them. With great success at styling events for friends and family, she decided to venture into a bigger platform of setting up events for diverse crowds. This venture gave way to the creation of  ‘Suga Events and Decor.’ Since then, she has made beautiful creations for corporations, birthdays, baby showers, and more. Chileshe aims to make meaningful connections within her work. 

Now that you know a little about the woman behind ‘Suga events and Decor,’ tell us about you so we can put a little ‘Suga’ in your next celebration.

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